BEER RELEASE: Elijah’s Real McCoy


Name:             Elijah’s Real McCoy

Style:               Kolsch-Style Lager

abv:                 5.5%

IBUs:                22

Release Date:  November7th, 2015


Tasting Notes

Elijah’s Real McCoy is a bright, copper-coloured lager, brewed in the style of traditional beers from the Cologne region of Germany. This subtle, easy-drinking  lager is light in both body and appearance, and the maltiness is subdued by the delicate-sharpness of the hops.


Beer History

Our latest beer pays homage to the great, Canadian inventor, Elijah McCoy, born in 1844 to fugitive slaves in Colchester, Ontario.

As a mechanical engineer, specializing in the lubrication of steam engines, Elijah’s inventions were widely reputed to be of such high quality and precision that customers were only interesting in owning “the real McCoy”; giving birth to the phrase that we use today to men “the real thing”.

When brewing our bright, copper-colour, Kolsch-style lager, we stuck to tradition to emulate the Kolsch’s brewed in Cologne, Germany at the dawn of the 20th Century. Only a beer of this style that is actually brewed in Cologne is permitted to be called a Kolsch (a German adjective meaning “Cologne-ish”), but at Bell City Brewing we believe we are as close as possible to “The Real McCoy”.


Bell City Brewing

As a member Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB), the award-winning Bell City Brewing Company is located on Woodyatt Drive in Brantford, Ontario and offers tours and tastings at their brewery store. Details of the beers on tap, and opening hours, can be found at

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