Long Weekend Update

Ok I admit we are not the best bloggers. It’s been a while since our last post. With all the social media options out there, and all the ones we are using, blogging is always last on the list. Sitting on a patio with a cold one, tunes blaring in the back ground, seems like a good time. So, what have we done so far? Being selective about the craft beer festivals this summer is a matter of necessity rather than something that we want to do. We just don’t have enough people or beer to go around.

We just finished Taste or Glenhyrst in Brantford, our home town, which makes sense. We had an overwhelming response. Some people knew about us and came to have another taste of our beer, and some people were surprised to learn about Brantford’s first and only craft brewery.

The most common question… Where are you guys? When are you opening? The answer… We are making and selling beer now, finally! We are focusing on kegging beer right now. You can find us on taps around town and the list is growing! We are moving as quickly as possible to have some beer to buy in the LCBO. Why not the beer store you ask? Well, the beer store is owned by Molson and Labatt. The government forces them to allow small independent brewers in there. Why this system still exists in 2013 is beyond me. Just to stick it to us, they make it hard and expensive to be there. Personally I find the buying experience like something from Cold War novels. A propaganda article was in the Toronto Star this long weekend about the beer store. It talks about how efficient the whole system is. You stand in line, when your turn comes you tell the uniformed person at the counter takes your order, then you step to one side to a conveyor where your product exits through the wall. Very sterile and efficient. Allowing consumers the opportunity to shop, read labels and to see what new beers there are is very discouraged.

Don’t worry, change is coming in Ontario soon.

Moving on from my rant… We are working on constructing our brewery along with retail store, event space and tap room. Construction starts late this year, we hope to open spring 2014. Our brewer does his brews at another brewery using our ingredients and recipes. Batches go into our kegs and bottles. Our team does all the sales. I look forward to the day we can invite the whole town to our grand opening.

I hope to have another blog soon. The picture is from Taste of Glenhyrst.


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