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Eureka Cream Ale

Don’t let this Cream Ale fool you. This pre-prohibition Cream Ale is a smooth full flavored Ale that will appeal to your casual craft beer drinker and to craft beer lovers. At 5.8%, this sessionable beer can carry a bit more bitterness than your typical lawnmower cream ale. The added wheat malt gives it the creamy body and wonderful lacing to the last drop. With 4 malts and a blend of 4 hops, including Sarachi Ace and Bravo, this Cream Ale is really how Cream Ale used to be. That’s how we roll! Expect the un-expected from Bell City Brewing.


  • (38 IBU, 5.8% alc/vol)
  • Colour: Golden
  • Food Pairings: BBQ Chicken or Burgers (great with a Bison Burger with Blue Cheese), Salty Pretzels (“These pretzels are making me thirsty…)
  • Get the 473ml Can at the LCBO or at your local Pub on Draft

Lenoir Belgian Style Ale

Our tribute to Jean J. Lenoir: Belgian engineer who invented the internal combustion engine in 1858

Beer in Belgium dates back to the first crusades when local abbeys brewed beer as a fund raising method. The artisanal brewing methods evolved over centuries and became popular with Master Brewers and Beer Drinkers around the world.  Our premium ingredients and brewing methods are sure to impress the Monks.

Golden in colour, Lenoir has classic Belgian fruity aroma with a slight sweetness and very little bitterness. Lenoir is a smooth and sessionable Belgian style beer.


  • Made with Belgian Candi Sugar
  • 6.5% alc./vol.
  • Not Pasteurized – Keep Refrigerated
  • Available at 0ur brewery or at your local Pub on Draft


What is a “Growler” anyway? A growler is a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel jug used to transport beer purchased at a local Craft Brewery. Growlers are pretty neat for a lot of reasons, including the fact it’s refillable, which means your carbon footprint way is smaller than those import beer drinkers! That’s cool like Fonzie and your helping the environment! The beer is really fresh also because it’s filled right where we make it. It’s okay if you buy our cans or bottles, sometimes Growlers just aren’t right for you.

Unlike that sad house plant you don’t even remember you have, you have to remember that this your own personal Growler to keep and care for. Give it a name if you wish!

Here are 3 steps to ensure your beer stays brewery fresh

Step 1

Drink It: Of course we don’t pasteurize or add preservatives to our beers so keep your Growler refrigerated and enjoy within 1 week of purchase and within 48 hours of opening. We can’t imagine this rule will be hard to follow.

Step 2

Clean It: After use, make sure you clean your growler right away. It’s really simple. Rinse your growler and cap with nice hot water 3 to 4 times. Let your growler air dry upside down. If you rinse your growler right away, there is no need for mild dish soaps or detergents. Once dry it should be free of any odors or perfumes.

Step 3

Just in Case: If your growler smells like a dirty dish rag or your hockey bag you have a small problem! You will need to do a thorough cleaning of your growler with a diluted bleach water or at least dish soap. Make sure to do a very thorough rinsing after using detergents in the growler. Once dry it should be free of any odors or perfumes.

Look for our beers with the Inventor Series logo – beers that pay tribute to the great inventors like Brantford’s Alexander Graham Bell

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