Why we are focused

At this point you might wonder why we haven’t tried all sorts of styles and recipes. It’s not that we aren’t creative or our recipe book isn’t diverse enough. We started with our fantastic Eureka Cream Ale and it will be in the LCBO early June. We have been to plenty of festivals and people ask, “what do you have”. We say… We have our Eureka Cream Ale and it’s good. We don’t have 5 or 10 styles. We are really okay with that. Most people at these festivals keep coming back and say this is the “best beer here”… or “I can’t drink that other one”. We like hearing that but we can’t even say ourselves what one beer is our favourite. There are so many styles and flavours to try. We have a good beer and people like drinking it. A lot of people haven’t tried it yet. So after one year we have our second in the works. We expect it to be another hit! Someday soon we might consider launching a new style every week, but for now we will focus on great beer one brew at a time and make sure each one is fantastic!


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