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Pub and Taps

Beer and Drink Menu

Beer … $6.20

Current Tap List
(some items may suddenly change)


1.)          Peepshow, IPA, 6.4%

2.)          Green Machine, APA, 6.0%

3.)          Too Wound Down, Session IPA, 4.7%

4.)          Hoppla, Dry Hopped Lager, 5.0%

5.)          Luscious Lavender, Sour, 4.9%

6.)          Fuego, Habenarro Lager, 5.5%

7.)          Boston Brew’n, Spiced Lager, 5.5%

8.)          Rainbow Raven, Neo Stout, 6.0%

9.)          Baby Cuthulu, Mild, 3.5% 

10.)        Lenior, Belgian Ale, 6.5%

11.)        34 Degrees, SAPA, 5.0%


Wine, Spirits and Other Drinks

Wayne Gretzky Pinot Grigio

$7.50, $9.75 (5oz/8oz)


Wayne Gretzky Cab Merlot

$7.50, $9.75 (5oz/8oz)



(9oz mix drink with beer, 1oz vodka, frozen berries)



House Caesar

$8.50 (1.5oz Vodka)


Wayne Gretzky Red Cask Premium Whiskey

$8.00 (1oz)


White or Dark Rum, Canadian Rye Whisky, Vodka, Gin



Non-Alcoholic Drinks 

Pop …$1.75

Bottled Water …$1.00


Food Menu 

Warm Olives … $8.00

Bowl of warm Italian mixed olives and warm bread.


Pretzel Bites … $8.50

Warm, salted pretzels, served with a selection of sauces and dips; the perfect accompaniment for a pint!


Bacon-Pepper Grilled Cheese Sammich … $10.75

Melty cream and provolone Cheeses with hot peppers and smoked bacon.


Braised Beef Yorkie Sliders ... $10.75

Mini Yorkshire puddings stuffed with beer-braised beef, topped with horseradish aioli.

Italiano Flat Bread … $10.95

Toasted flatbread topped with prosciutto, cured Italian salami, roasted vegetables, and provolone


Caprese Flat Bread … $10.50

Fresh cheery tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, garlic olive oil on a rosemary flatbread




PAIRING GUIDELINES:  Beer contains more ingredients than wine so the flavor palate is much wider, don’t worry you can’t go wrong.  Successful pairing rests on matching food characteristics of those found in beer. You don’t want one to overpower the other. Your aim is to find harmony. A general rule of thumb: Light food with light beer. Bold food with bold beer! 
**ALLERGIES: We use fresh ingredients extensively throughout out brewhouse.  These ingredients often include wheat, nuts and dairy products.  If you have an allergy, please talk to us before ordering.
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